FUE (Folicular Hair Extraction) hair transplant is the latest hair transplantation technique used in world. This method produces natural result both while hair folicle collection and also during hair transplantation. As another definition, this operation consists of transfer of alive hair roots taken from hairy regions of head to bald regions by FUE method.

With the abbreviation for FUE (Folicular hair extraction) containing the term ‘extraction’, most people probably have a good idea of what this form of transplant entails. In simple terms, this involves all remaining hair on a patient being extracted using a small, circular instrument. This process is repeated until the surgeon deems necessary and in some cases, this can mean that a patient is undergoing the procedure over the course of a couple of days.

As you may expect, this is by no means the end of the operation and the patient then has to wait for the extracted hair to be harvested and then being re-inserted back into recipient sites, whis are able to receive the rejuvenated hair and allow it to grow completely naturally.

It’s worth mentioing that many hair transplant clinics claim that the main benefit of FUE treatment is that scars will not be left. Unfortunately, this is very rarely the case and any establishment making such declarations could land themselves in hot water with the relevant medical authorities.

Dr. Yawar | Consultant Plastic Cosmetic Hair Transplant Surgeon