FUT (Folicular Hair Transplantation) goes against many of the operative principles that have been explained previously for FUE, although it is worth mentioning that it is regarded as a compliment to existing hair transplant procedures, not a rival. FUT can probably be described as a simpler operation, with hair being transplanted from the scalp to areas of the head which do not include as much hair.

This transplant takes place through rather intrusive means, with the doctor cutting a strip of tissue from the scalp, before cutting it into thousands of follicular units. These units are then strategically placed around the head, after the doctor has created holes with recipient sites around the affected, bald areas.

As one can probably assume from the above, FUT is a very complicated technique although there is the potential for some very fulfiling results. Nevertheless, the issue of scarring is regularly discussed, as the process in which FUT uses means that all patients, no matter what their body or skin tyoe, will have a large strip-like scar on their head. For those individuals that crave a full head of hair this probably isn’t going to be a problem, yet for those that like their style to be slightly shorter there could be several aesthetic factors to consider.

Dr. Yawar | Consultant Plastic Cosmetic Hair Transplant Surgeon